Undeb Bangor Council debates ideas in relation to Undeb Bangor policy (e.g. its strategic and future direction), national and/or local campaigns or political activity, ideas in relation to activities or student opportunities that Undeb Bangor facilitate, or for the development and improvement of the student experience. It also allows a forum to hold Sabbatical Officers, Undeb Bangor Councillors to account.

You can see the UBC Handbook with lots of information in below.

The remit of Undeb Bangor Council is as follows;

  • Undeb Bangor Council is there to discuss, debate and set Union policy in between General Meetings.
  • It reviews, guides and holds to account and creates projects for the Officer Trustees in between General Meetings.
  • It discusses issues of relevance to the Students in between General Meetings.
  • It works to make Students’ lives better by consulting and understanding the needs of the student body, being an ambassador for the Union, discussing and debating issues and ideas and creating new projects and initiatives.

Download Handbook.