I’m a final year student and I’ve already had my results. Can I run/vote in this by-election?  



If I’m elected when will I be starting my role as President?  

Ideally, we’d like you to start ASAP which would be the Monday after being elected, but we understand that some of you may have other responsibilities so this might not be possible.  


I’ve run in an election already this year, can I run again?  

Yes definitely, this is a great opportunity to give it another go. 


Can I be a Sabbatical officer even though I’m in my second year?


Yes you can, you are able to take a year (or two) out from your studies here at Bangor and become a Sabbatical Officer.


I’m an International student, can I be nominated for any of these roles?

International students are welcomed, information on how to go about this process can be seen on the Home Office website


I was over the age of 21 when I started University, am I too old to be nominated?

we encourage every individual to stand for Sabbatical Officer, Senator and Student Trustee, the larger the variety, the better the representation of the student body; so no, you aren’t too old!


I want to run for election, but I’m not too sure what a manifesto is.

Everything you need to know about the Election are in the Election Guide document on the website. We explain what a manifesto is and if you’re still not sure we’re happy to help anyone with anything to do with the Election (as long as it’s within the guidelines)


I’m not a designer, will this put me at a disadvantage compared to the other candidates?

No. Many candidates have used other programs such as Word to design their manifestos so do not worry. Take a look at the designs online!


I fit the criteria, but I have no experience, how will this effect me?

No experience is required for this role, we provide full training to those who get elected, all we ask is that you’re creative, full of ideas and enthusiastic!


I’m a parent and worried that these roles won’t fit in with my life.

The roles available are for everyone, and we try to have a flexible working hours when we can, come and talk to someone at the Union if you need more information on flexible working hours.


I’m currently on placement, can I still run?

YES. Come in and chat to us about how we can help with any support or placement communication.


I’m studying on the Wrexham campus, can I still run?



I really want to run for a position in the Election but I’m concerned about an assignment deadline that I have around the time of the campaign.

The University understands how important the elections are and if there is someone with a genuine need for an extension, the university can give an extension. The best thing to do in these circumstances is to talk with your lecturer and/or personal tutor. If you would like more information, please come into the SU and we can help.


I’ll be running against an incumbent officer (person currently holding the position), is there a point for me to run?

Yes, there is always a point. Elections are there to be contested and there is no way of knowing who will win the position unless you try! Take a look at other Students’ Unions for more info on elections and returning officers or come in and speak to us.