Candidate Match template by Undeb Bangor

Here are the comments made by some of the Candidates:

Talia Reed

  • Alternative Assessment Methods - Choose their Assessment Methods / Same Assessment Methods for all.
    Some alternative assessment methods should be provided to ensure students are not put off from taking modules because of the assessment style. Additionally, assessment methods must reflect real life skills a student might use in their career in that field, rather than relying on methods that do not represent the skillsets needed to be successful in real life.
  • Four week turnaround on feedback - Policy's fine as it is / We should campaign to improve the turnaround.
    The four week policy should be kept to allow lecturers time to provide the high quality feedback students deserve. Instead of aiming to reduce this time, we should look to ensure all staff are sticking to the policy where possible, and are providing the level and type of feedback students require.
  • How important do you think School Common Rooms are? - The University has bigger priorities / Vital for building a sense of community.
    Common rooms are really important. By providing a comfortable environment for working and socialising, they help create a sense of community between students and staff. They therefore also need to provide facilities for storing and preparing food and hot and cold drinks, and be attractive yet functional places.
  • Students should be given free printer credits. - No! We should be aiming to be paperless. / Yes! No Student should have to pay to print!
    Both! As part of a wider effort towards becoming a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious community, we should be phasing out printing and doing more online. However, in cases where students are still required to print, we shouldn't have to be paying out of our own pockets.
  • SU decisions should be made...- All students through an online vote / Elected Officers on behalf of students.
    A truely direct democracy, which represents the views of all students equally and fairly, needs to allow students to vote on issues that affect them. The SU should aim to work towards this style of democracy; in the meantime, Elected Officers must listen carefully to students and act responsibly to ensure a fair and representative system.

Sian Billington

It is a very important part of Bangor University that we offer the best opportunities in the UK with our societies, volunteering projects and clubs. We must therefore develop these as much as we can, and all students should be able to express themselves by being part of these opportunities.


James Gittins

No matter how niche, all students should be able to start their own club/society – Disagree / Agree.
- The variety of clubs/societies on offer at Bangor is fantastic and should be celebrated. Everyone’s interests should be represented by a club or society and setting one up should be as straightforward as possible.

Volunteering - We should establish more Volunteering Projects / We should enhance the projects currently on offer.
- There are loads of great volunteering projects, and I’m certainly not opposed to having more, but my focus would be to get people involved with our existing projects, so that they can develop further and we can better publicise their achievements.

A new location for the Students' Union? - It's great where it is! / Yes! The SU needs more room!
- While the current SU isn’t excessively spacious, it’s in a clear and central location, which I feel is more important than more room in a worse location. If there were a central location with plenty of room available for the SU to move to, I’d certainly be on board with that.

A Canteen for Students? - There's no need! / YES!
- While there are various small café’s etc. aimed at students, a canteen with plenty of space and reasonable prices would be really cool. I don’t know if there would be a suitable location for such a canteen, but it’s something I’d be in favour of if the opportunity arose.

SU decisions should be made... - All students through an online vote / Elected Officers on behalf of students.
- Undeb Bangor Council exists so that elected officers can make these decisions. They represent a wide variety of student demographics. With greater awareness of this process, it could be far more effective than an online vote. The UBC format also allows for discussion of Your Ideas, which an online vote would struggle with.