Take a look at our short guide to being a course rep to find out everything you need to know.

Briefly, Course Reps listen to students’ feedback, both good and bad, from others on their course. This is then fed back through attending Staff-Student Committee meetings within their school twice per semester.

Course reps also get involved with the following;

  • Attend two Students’ Union Course Rep Council meetings per semester.
  • Receive full Course Rep training.
  • Work with other Course Reps to make sure progress is made on important issues.
  • Keep students informed of the progress that is made during and in between meetings.
  • Engage with the Students’ Union regularly.

Becoming a course rep isn’t just about helping to gather student opinion and helping to have a direct say in your academic experience. Course reps get the opportunity to develop loads of extra skills and get involved in things such as the course reps dragons den and Student Led Teaching and Course Rep Awards. They also get to meet lots of new people, gain valuable employability skills, get volunteering experience and receive formal recognition at an awards ceremony. Who knows, you could even get nominated for and chosen as Course Rep of the Year!