Course Rep Awards 2020

Here are the shortlists for each of this year's Course Rep Awards! Congratulations to all reps who reached the shortlist this year, and thank you to all Course Reps for their hard work this year!

Staff Choice Award

Congratulations to Ben Shaw on winning this year's Student Choice Award in the Course Rep Awards! ben is a fantastic Course Rep, and students praised his willingness to listen to any and all comments that students bring him. "He listens to everyone; even to the smaller details that might seem insignificant, he always follows up and puts us students first."



Student Choice Award

Congratulations to Ashleigh Johnstone, this year's winner of the Staff Choice Award. Ashleigh goes above and beyond to help students within her school and is readily available for all students who wish to approach her. " Helping others is not something this person does out of a sense of duty attributable to their role as a representative. Instead it emerges from their very nature and a belief in the value of community in pastoral, teaching and research activity. They see themselves as a member of a departmental ‘family’ and with a responsibility to maintain its vitality. "



VP Education Award

Oliver Wright is the fantastic Course Rep who was selected to receive the VP for Education's Choice Award this year. "Oliver has been an example of a perfect course rep this year, making sure the student voice in Chemistry is heard, which is more important than ever. He did a great job during Course Rep Week, along with the other Chem reps, organising a liquid nitrogen ice cream giveaway and raising the rep profile."



Ede & Ravenscroft Innovation Award

The recipient of this year's prestigious Ede & Ravenscroft innovation award is Awen Edwards. Awen always goes beyond what is expected of her to ensure that students are effectively represented, and is a key driver for positive change within her school. Congratulations Awen!