Welcome to the Course Rep Hub for the Bangor Business School

Here you can find all the details you need relating to your Course Reps. If you have any ideas or feedback that you think would benefit your School then please use the portal below to submit your feedback and a Course Rep will respond in time! Make sure to check back to see any updates that they leave!

Your Course Reps


Amber Griffiths mbg19lnk@bangor.ac.uk
Amirah Rahman abud6b@bangor.ac.uk
Amy Starkey mys19vhd@bangor.ac.uk
Bukola Adetonwa abp980@bangor.ac.uk
Carmen Aguado Tello blua66@bangor.ac.uk
Catrin Mather ctm19pdf@bangor.ac.uk
Catrin Mather ctm19pdf@bangor.ac.uk
Daisy Pierce abud76@bangor.ac.uk
Danielle Thomas seuaef@bangor.ac.uk
Delyth Jones-Williams Dlj18kdd@bangor.ac.uk
Dongkai Jin dnj19xrq@bangor.ac.uk
Georgina Malpass abud72@bangor.ac.uk
Lewis Brierley-Jones lwb19yzc@bangor.ac.uk
Luwen Liang lwl19zqv@bangor.ac.uk
Mary Monaghan mrm18jlc@bangor.ac.uk
Mengchu Ye mny19txn@bangor.ac.uk
Noah Williams abud9c@bangor.ac.uk
Rachel Williams rcw18pfz@bangor.ac.uk
Raja Muhammad Asad abuda2@bangor.ac.uk
Swathy Cross swn18lxs@bangor.ac.uk
Swathy Cross swn18lxs@bangor.ac.uk
Syerin Kang sou173@bangor.ac.uk
Syleshwaran Sivakumar sys19tpz@bangor.ac.uk
Syleshwaran Sivakumar sys19tpz@bangor.ac.uk
Thi Hong Ngoc Nguyen (Ngoc) abp980@bangor.ac.uk