Hello, Welcome to the Course Rep Hub!

Here at Bangor University we elect around 300 course reps to be the voice of students across the 14 different academic schools. Course reps are the students at the forefront, fighting for positive changes that affect your academic experience. The course rep structure is there to represent all students and make sure your voice is always being heard by the University. Last year course reps worked towards getting Undergraduate common rooms for students. Course reps also have the chance to take part and organise a range of activities to promote feedback and representation working with both Undeb Bangor and their academic schools. Course reps gain great skills as well as BEA point. Reps are also invited to the SLTA & Course Rep Awards in May, and may be in with a chance of winning an award! If you’re interested in becoming a course rep, lookout for the course rep elections or email coursereps@undebbangor.com.

Below is your Course Rep Cabinet!

Our Course Rep cabinet is made up from the Senior Reps from each school. They work with the VP of Education on projects and campaigns and are a go to for the other reps within their school.