Course Reps are students who are elected by their peers to represent students’ views about issues surrounding their course. They might represent students on a particular module or course, or even all of the students in their school year. They attend meetings with staff in their school and college, as well as Student Union meetings, to make sure that students’ voices are heard. You can find out loads more in our Course Rep Guide here and the links in this section.


Here at the Student Voice Team in the Students’ Union we think it’s really important that you are given the opportunity to have a say on your academic experience and that you you have some ownership over your teaching and learning alongside teaching staff. Therefore, whether engaging as a course rep or through your fellow course reps, make sure you take the opportunity to voice both positive and negative aspects of your academic experience in a constructive and evidenced based way.


Whether you’re interested in becoming a course rep or not, it’s always good to know a little bit about the course rep system, as if you want to make your opinion heard and have your say on anything to do with your course and academic or educational experience you can do this through the course reps in your school. Basically, just let them know what you want voicing and they will make sure it happens.


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