You asked for us to improve the support and provisions around mental health here at Undeb Bangor, so we’ve been working with the University and the PIPS Programmes to ensure that we’ve got our student trained around this key area.

The sessions took place between Tuesday 31st of October through to Friday 3rd of November and students got the opportunity to attend one training session. The programme will help students to support other students who may be suffering with poor mental health and at risk of suicide or self-harm.

The programme covered the following areas:

                ·The core of suicide prevention

·Myths and facts around suicide

·Emotional resilience as a defence against mental health issues

·Reasons a student may become suicidal

·Barriers that stop a student getting the help they need

·Fears that stop people helping someone at risk

·Our Look-Listen-Link model

·Identifying the signs, verbal and non-verbal, that warn that someone may be at risk

·Active listening skills