Sexual Harassment campaign

At Undeb Bangor, we think that every student should be able to live and study in a safe and respectful environment. That means that we are completely opposed to any form of sexual violence and harassment – we believe that there is no grey area.

Sadly, sexual violence and harassment is a major problem at Universities across the UK. One survey suggests that more than three in five students have been sexually assaulted or harassed while at University.

We cannot stand by and do nothing. We must work together to try and tackle this problem. Sexual violence or harassment should not be a normal part of the student experience.

That is why we are planning a campaign which will inform all students as to what exactly sexual violence and harassment is, and what forms it can take, besides letting students know who they can confidently speak to if either themselves or a friend has been affected.

The campaign will launch on 26th November 2018, when we will release our campaign video. This will consist of a range of staff and students working in unity to convey the very simple message that there is no grey area.

How to get involved

Following the release of this video, the campaign will be very visible across Bangor.

We will be projecting parts of the University’s sexual violence policy onto different walls and white boards across different University buildings. You can pledge your support to the campaign by signing underneath the policy, to show that you are joining us in our united stand against sexual violence and harassment.

We will also be launching a ‘Reclaim the Night’ event as part of the campaign, which you can actively get involved in.

Further information on the campaign, and how you can get involved, will be released closer to the time.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please get in touch with your VP for Education, Mark Barrow, at, or add his Facebook account -