On the 10th to the 16th October, Undeb Bangor’s VP Education and Welfare, Helen Marchant ran a Mind Your Head campaign, with the aim to raise awareness, encourage students to start the conversation and end the stigma attached to mental health.

Each day there was a different activity from Lego therapy, to building self-care buddy boxes, inner child day, and dance or yoga classes. Alongside this, you may have spotted the ‘elephant in the room’ around campus, initiating conversations within lectures about the elephant in the room that is mental health. Students often say that instigating the conversation about issues they are having with family and friends is the hardest thing.

A group of student’s came together to make a video talking openly and honestly about their own mental health experiences to encourage others to do the same. This had an incredible response, and has allowed many other students to share their stories without fear of judgement in a safe space.

The week was a success with many students engaging in the activities within Undeb Bangor and over the Main Arts campus. Provided alongside each activity were ‘Look After Your Mate’ guides giving tips on how to start a conversation, information on understanding different diagnosis’ and also effective revision techniques to ensure students know when to take time out for themselves.

The Little Red Book of useful numbers has been given a new lease of life with a new design, emergency mental health numbers and wellbeing tips.

There was also information on what to do in an emergency and signposting to student services throughout the week.

Many people have said after the first conversation they feel more comfortable talking about mental health issues again, hopefully the week will have an impact for many students.