Campaign/Event Date Details
Black History Month 1-31 October A month of events across North West Wales celebrating Black History month. For a full itenerary pf what's going on then please click here.
Plastic Campaign Ongiong

Plastic reduction: At Undeb Bangor, we are committed to reducing plastic consumption. There are many exciting ways that you can get involved in our ongoing campaign. For more details please click here. 

PhTea Every Thurdsay - 12pm-2pm  PhTea is an event that occurs every Thursday between 12pm-2pm at the Students' Union. PhTea gives the opportunity for Postgraduate Researchers to get together and discuss their work, research and just general chit-chat about how they are doing, over some tea, coffee and biscuits.
Marks out of Tenancy All year round Your Students’ Union believes that you should have more information before signing up to a property. Undeb Bangor are collaborating with Marks Out Of Tenancy, a review platform where students can openly share their rental experiences. For more information please click here. 
World Mental Health Day 10 October 2019  
De-Stresstival 18-24 November 2019 De-Stresstival is a week-long event giving students the opportunity to have some fun and de-stress! It will allow students to take part in exciting activities, alongside workshops that are designed to be relaxing and promote well-being. We also aim to raise awareness of mental health, educate students on plagiarism and to promote the advice and support provision we have here at the Students’ Union. For the full programme please click here.
Don't Panic 13-15 November 2018 Our Don't Panic campaign is all about ensuring you receive information and guidance before deciding where to live. We will be appearing at numerous locations across Bangor, to reiterate that there is no need to panic into signing a contract! For more information please click here.
Disability History Month   19 November - 22 December 2018 A month of events for Disability History Month across the University. Please click here for more information.
Sexual Harrasment Prevention Campaign - No Grey Area 2-6 December 2019 

We must be clear - Sexual Harassment is completely unacceptable. That is why we have scheduled a No Grey Area campaign, which will outline what exactly Sexual Harassment is, and where you can find help and support if either yourself, or a friend, has experienced it. For more information please click here.

Reclaim the Night 5th December 2019

Join us on 29 November, when we will march together to Reclaim the Night. This international campaign is a protest against rape, and against violence directed towards women. Any person is welcome to join us. Please click here for more information.

Course Rep Week 11-15 November 2019

Course Rep Week gives a chance for course reps to promote themselves across the university and to their course mates. This is also an opportunity for students to make sure they find out who their course rep is, what they do and why they’re an important and effective way to share feedback. Come help us paint the campus purple which will be going on all week! For the full programme please click here.

Food Poverty Begins December 2018 It has come to our attention that food poverty is an issue with the student population and we need to do something about it. The first stage of this campaign is the fact-finding mission and we need as many students as possible to fill in our survey so that we can find out more about the eating habits of the students.Click here to fill in our survey!
Landlord Awards 1 April 2019 We want to celebrate the work and effort put in by landlords across the city who provide students with high quality housing. All too often we her about the bad and the ugly when it comes to student housing, we have therefore re-launched this  initiative , as part of Undeb Bangor’s Housing Campaign, to recognise the great and the good. We are looking forward to hearing from students and recognising those landlords who go the extra mile for their students. Nominations will open on the 7th January until the 28th February. For more details please click here.
Blue Monday 21 January 2019  
LGBT History Month 1 Feb -28 Feb 2019 The LGBT Society have been busy arranging a range of activities for this history month. Click here for further information.
Women's History Month March Click here for the Women's History Month page!