You can submit an appeal on the following grounds: i.Arithmetical or other errors of fact that affect the student’s result. ii.Special circumstances that could have had an adverse effect on the student’s academic performance. If the circumstances were not reported to the Boards of Examiners before its meeting, the student must explain why the circumstances were not made known. Where a student could have reported special circumstances to the Boards of Examiners prior to its meeting, those circumstances cannot subsequently be cited as grounds for Appeal. iii.Defects or irregularities in the conduct of the assessments or in written instructions or in advice relating to the assessments, and which might, in the student’s opinion, have had an adverse effect on academic performance. This procedure does not allow students to question the academic judgement of examiners. For example, students cannot question a mark given for coursework simply on the basis that they believe that the mark was too low. You need to complete the section in Form A that suits your circumstances. You can see the full Academic Appeals Procedure here.