On Campus Period Products


Caught short? We’ve got your back! Period products are now available in a range of female, male, gender neutral and accessible and toilets across Bangor and Wrexham campus as well as the two Halls Offices and shops on Bangor campus. Have a click through our drop-down sections to find out more…

Where can I find the products?




We want to encourage students to access products confidently, reducing the associated stigma. So, products are placed on surfaces in the general toilet area, often near the sink area.

This applies to all male, female and gender-neutral toilets. Dispensers are fixed to walls in accessible toilets.

Click here for a breakdown of the toilets you can find products in, by building:

What products are available?

Heavy pads from Hey Girls- 100% plastic free and free from chlorine and bleach.

Regular cardboard applicator tampons from TOTM- 100% organic cotton and free from fragrance, chlorine, and bleach.

We chose this combination based on feedback from our initial survey in the hope that it will meet as many students needs as possible as well as covering period flows from light to heavy.

Our dispenser units

Dispensers in male toilets

Additional consideration was taken when deciding where to place dispensers in male toilets. Our intention was to place dispensers inside cubicles for more discreet access.

Unfortunately, following consultation with Health and Safety, this will not be possible at this time and dispensers have been placed on surfaces in the general toilet area. We treat your health and wellbeing as a priority and want you to access products in the safest way possible.

If this method of accessing products isn’t working for you or you would like to bring our attention to any issues regarding access, please email Josie Ball (josie.ball@undebbangor.com).

You can also let us know in the final survey we will be launching for feedback on the scheme and campaign.

Sanitary bins in male toilets

How do I report low stock or empty dispensers?

Dispensers in Ocean Sciences

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