No elections are currently running

The UMCB Executive Committee will meet every month to discuss UMCB activities, from outings, events and any campaigns. In addition, the committee exists to ensure the president is doing his job correctly, and is working in the interest of all Welsh speakers, those who are learning the language, and anyone who has an interest in the Welsh language and culture. This committee includes representatives from all aspects of UMCB membership, which includes a representative from each year, representatives with roles regarding the Welsh language and a learners' representative.  If you would like to be part of this committee, there are a few posts to fill after the first General Meeting of the year, therefore keep an eye out for more information on the UMCB page. There will also be an opportunity for you to come to the meetings to see what is discussed and to add to the discussion.

Your representatives

JMJ President                                      - Gethin Morgan
1st year representative                       TBC
2nd year representative                       - Osian Owen
3rd year representative                       - Rhiannon Lloyd Williams
Postgrad representative                     TBC
Occupational representative              - Dewi Wyn Jones
Home Student representative            TBC