UMCB, Bangor Welsh Students’ Union, is the Union that represents and looks after the welfare of Welsh students, Welsh learners and anyone interested in Welsh language and culture during your time here at Bangor.

Since the foundation of the University, Cymdeithas y Cymric had its own debating society, literary society and so on. A large victory was won in 1974 when one of the first ever completely Welsh speaking halls was founded in Neuadd John Morris Jones. But in the face of such sweeping changes it was soon recognised that ‘Y Cymric’ was not in itself a strong enough forum to represent the Welsh students in the current climate of growing unrest. To this end, a breakaway, independent Welsh Students’ Union (UMCB) was formed in 1976.

UMCB aims to make Welsh a part of every students’ life in Bangor University by ensuring that Welsh has equal status with English.