Iwan Evans

Hello! I'm Iawn and iI'm the UMCB President for the coming year. Originally from the small village of Gorsgoch near Lampeter, I spent the last three years as a Product Design and Secondary Education student at Bangor. It would be responsible this year for ensuring that UMCB runs smoothly, and offers everyone the best possible student life, whether academic or social. My role is full time, where I'm employed by Undeb Bangor to look after the welfare of Bangor's Welsh speaking students, so don't hesitate to talk to me about any issues, that's my job.


Obviously, it is going to be a completely different year to usual, but as the UMCB Executive we are determined to make the most of the situation, and it is an opportunity for us to experiment with completely new methods of socializing.


I have two offices, in the Union on 4th floor of the Pontio building, and also in the JMJ Common Hall, so if you are ever looking for me, you will surely find me there (or at the bar in the Globe) .


I'll give you two interesting facts, 1. I order so many takeaways from Pizza House in Upper Bangor, my phone number now added is 'contacts list', and 2. I was offered to go on the Chase, but I had to refuse because of a clash when filming for S4C.


And to finish my favorite UMCB event of the year is every time the sports games, be it Rugby, Football, Netball or even Gaelic Footie.

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