Henry Williams



01248 38 8001


As President I will ensure you are not disadvantaged by the current situation and will push for the highest standard of teaching delivery, ensuring there is a clear plan for academic delivery. I will continue taking the lead on providing clear updates to students that are open and transparent, working with the whole sabbatical officer team to guarantee a holistic approach. We will ensure that your voice is represented in Univeristy Committees making decisions about September reopening as well as the university experience for the next academic year.

I am working to safeguard clubs, societies and volunteering so that they can continue in a safe manner, as well as a priority of mine being to push the student experience further onto the university agenda. Despite the focus in the near future having to be around the impact of Covid 19, I will look to ensure there is no lasting impact to the detriment of student groups. It is important throughout these challenging times that the SU maintains its scope to develop new projects and opportunities in the following years.

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