Heating in Pontio

by Jamal Maarouf 18 May 2021, 17:59

Category: Students Union Petition


The heating is constantly on all the time in Pontio; as the only place right now where I can study peacefully (I live in a house with 10 other people), especially with it being summer now, I cannot focus because I feel so lethargic, hot and tired. I recognize this isn't something that will change overnight, but can something be done to try and rectify this?


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    Ella Treloar   wrote, 18-05-2021 - 18:21

    I AGREE! It is more than this though. It is hot and horrifically stuffy. There aree no windows open normally (today I saw 2 tiny windows cracked open but that's helped 3% of the problem). There's a virus going round and I feel like I can taste other people's breath due to 0 circulation of air and despite wearing my mask. Thoday has loads of windows open, free hot water, a microwave and loads of wonderful plants. Can we get some plants in, open some windows, put the air con/turn the heating off, and have it so when walk in you don't feel like you've stepped off the plane into fucking eqypt. Please, it has been so gross, and everyone talks about it, I do not know anyone who doesn't feel the same. I've even had friends move and work in main arts even though they really don't want to because of the heat!!!!! Please. Its almost summer. Don't cook us

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    Carlota Noreรฑa   wrote, 18-05-2021 - 20:08


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