Student Council is a forum that meets on a monthly basis throughout the academic year to discuss, debate, and pass ideas. As well as working alongside the sabbatical officers on projects which will improve the student experience. Ideas can be anything from creating new projects and initiatives to policies that contribute to Undeb Bangor’s strategic and future direction. This allows Undeb Bangor to work on ideas that students want to see and that are relevant to the student body. The Student Council also allows students to hold Sabbatical Officers to account for the work that they do. 


Below you can find out who are your Councillors for the coming year and what they plan on working on!

Nominate yourself to be a Student Councillor! Click here to nominate yourself!

Student Councillors are representatives of the student body and sit on the Student Council. Here, they discuss the various ideas submitted to them by the student body via the ideas portal, as well as scrutinizing the work of Undeb Bangor's Sabbatical Officers and ensuring they are working to represent you as students!

Nominations Open on the 21st of September at 9 am, and close on the 2nd of October at 5 pm!



Upcoming Meetings

Student Council Resources

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