Can I be a Sabbatical officer even though I’m in my second year?

I’m an International student, can I be nominated for any of these roles?

I was over the age of 21 when I started University, am I too old to be nominated?

I want to run for election, but I’m not too sure what a manifesto is.

I’m not a designer, will this put me at a disadvantage compared to the other candidates?

I fit the criteria, but I have no experience, how will this effect me?

I’m a parent and worried that these roles won’t fit in with my life.

I’m currently on placement, can I still run?

I really want to run for a position in the Election but I’m concerned about an assignment deadline that I have around the time of the campaign.

I’ll be running against an incumbent officer (person currently holding the position), is there a point for me to run?

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