Undeb Bangor Response to the Business Cases

The University is currently experiencing financial challenges, and to tackle these challenges and try to make savings the University released a number of proposals, which include proposed School merges and restructuring, amongst other things.

Undeb Bangor Response

Undeb Bangor has compiled this report as a formal response to the proposed business cases for change. This report includes the studentsโ€™ and Undeb Bangorโ€™s response to the proposed business cases for change, and is compiled from the comments, concerns and feedback raised in numerous sessions held with students across many cohorts and schools. This report reflects the opinions and thoughts of the student body

The report sent to the University Executive was also accompanied by a supplementary document containing letters, feedback, comments and concerns submitted directly to Undeb Bangor, from students who wished to have their views included alongside the SU formal response.

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