Student Volunteering Week is a national campaign designed to raise awareness of the work student volunteers do in the community and the volunteering opportunities available to students. This year it took place from the Monday 20th-Sunday 26th February and students in Bangor were treated to a range of daytime, evening and mini volunteering events throughout the week.

SVW2017 at SVB started very productively, with pop up stalls around the main university buildings, providing information about one-off, regular projects and of course volunteering opportunities.

Monday afternoon was all about the –Name – The SVB Elephant who provided information on the events during the SVW2017 and encouraged students all over university to sign up for some volunteering events!

Monday evening Two Guys from Brussels held Connect @ Bangor Coffee Evening. Coffee evening was a success and many people came to not only to socialise but also ask our Promotions Committee about the volunteering opportunities and projects and The Connect Volunteers about the services they offer.

On Tuesday, The Big Give Project together with Promotions Committee and volunteers were out and about Bangor collecting food tins for the Bangor Food Bank. Never mind the poor welsh weather and rain our volunteers managed to do a brilliant job and collected a lot of food from all over the Bangor and community done a brilliant job by donating so much!

In the afternoon pop up stalls invited everyone to join in for postcards making for a long term hospital patients to make their day a little bit brighter with a few words of encouragement. Many students visited the stall and took few minutes to make or fill in the cards for a good cause.

The highlight of the week of course was a mini-volunteering event for Dog Walking that took place on the Wednesday afternoon. Despite the cold and rain volunteers enjoyed few hours of walking, petting and getting to know the stories of the dogs at Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary.

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances of the Storm Doris, events from Thursday and the rest of the week were cancelled. Bake sales on Thursday and Friday happened as planned and handful of people enjoyed delicious and fresh cakes, brownies and cupcakes that were specially made for SWV2017.

Casino Night, Bangor Safari will be rescheduled as Volunteering socials further along into this semester. Mini-volunteering events of Bag Packing and Beach Clean, which were meant to happen during the weekend will be rescheduled as one –off volunteering events later during this semester.

Promotions Committee concluded it to be a very successful week despite the unforeseen circumstances and cancelation of some of the events during the second half of the SVW2017.