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Walao eh, why Bangor no nasi lemak, roti canai, char kuey teow? Luckily, here we are, Malaysian society to let you experience how a mamak feels like, how to say the word "gostan", and experience the uniqueness of Malaysia. 
Bangor University Malaysian Society (BUMYS) is a multicultural and food-loving society with the passion of promoting the culture and food in Malaysia to Bangor University students and staffs. We will organised events which allow students in BU to know more about Malaysia culture and mingle with us while enjoying our lovely food or snacks. We will also collaborate with other societies to organise fun and exciting trips or events.
President- Tye Chi Yeang, - (

Vice President- Yuan Ching, Khoo (

Secretary- Nur Ayeesha (

Treasurer- Jessica, Liew ( 

Social Secretary- Phoebe Cheng (

Event Coordinator- Pua Soon Ken, - (

Web Coordinator- Li Ming, Tan (