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Established once in Bangor, the Amnesty International Bangor Student Group has unfortunately died down for a few years. Regarding a patent lack of awareness about Amnesty International’s actions and the fundamental importance of protecting human rights, it was decided next year to revive the Bangor Student Group in order to raise consciousness.

Since the beginning of the year, our challenge is to give this group a second breath through a society which promotes AI’s values, supports its actions and campaigns at our scale. For instance, by fundraisings, conferences, debates, sending goods, Bangor Student Groups will aim at contributing to a wider cooperation with groups all around the world, including in the UK. Human Rights issues are manifested in so many different ways involving potential effects in anyone’s life. Hence, this is a struggle which needs to raise everyone’s interest, regardless of prior knowledge in this area or experience in any other society. Work closely with AIUK, members’ background would be harmonised from October with an Amnesty Trainer to further be able to organise our own events all together and reveal the activists in us!