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There is a new society in town! The Education Society is a brand-new society and will be available to all students who study an education-based subject or who are passionate about education. The society will be holding fundraisers, socials and professional events throughout the year to encourage students to meet new people and explore what the university has to offer. Although being part of our new society will not only involve making new friends, our aim is to develop our employability. We aim to work closely with the university and the careers and employability service to develop us professionally through one-off talks and discount-priced course. Being in university won't last forever, therefore, having an opportunity to develop ourselves socially and professionally is invaluable – and we hope to provide this.

But to ensure this happens, we need you! We want your ideas! We want you to get involved! Whether you want a first aid course, winter ball, picnic, sign language class or disability awareness courses – no idea is a bad idea and we will endeavour to make it happen.