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Saudi Society has key partnership with Saudi Club in Bangor, it is open place where the Saudi culture and scientific activity will be presented and all students and members at the university are welcome to join us in a wide range of activities.

Our goals:

1- To promote connection between the Saudis and Non-Saudi students at Bangor University

2- To engage the Saudi students in Bangor University activities including: cultural, academic and sports

3- To arrange activities for students to explore different experiences

4- To introduce the Saudi culture at Bangor University in events such as Saudi National day, Arabic language day, Eid Alfater, and Eid Aladha

5- To provide a supportive society with many networking opportunities and guidance to smooth your journey

6- To set up a point of contact in Bangor for prospective Saudi students who may want to contact current students for further information about studying

Our activities including:

1- Academic consultations

2- Arabic courses 

3- Academic lectures and workshops for postgraduate and undergraduate students

4- Sport competitions including football and volleyball

5- Visits and community support