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Quidditch is a mixed gender, full contact sport that caters to any athletic level from novice to professional. There are many opportunities at Bangor Quidditch Club so come and be part of one of the fastest growing sports of our time! This sport is for both nerds and sporty people, a sport where anyone and everyone is accepted and welcomed. 

It's not all about getting muddy on the field, we have weekly socials to have fun! Quidditch is a great way to make friends and make your life at university a great experience. 


Mae Quidditch yn chwaraeon rhyw cymysg, efo cyswllt llawn. Mae yn chwaraeon i newyddiaduron ag proffesiynol. Quidditch yw chwaraeon i bawb, dewch i lawr am hywyl. 


Nid i gyd ymwneud ag gael yn fwldlyd ar y cae, mae gennym ni gweithgareddau cymdeithasol pob wythnos. Mae yn cyfle dda i cwrdd â phobl a gwneud ffrindiau am fywyd. 


Quick Summary:

Unfortunately, we don't have the technology to fly yet, but you still get to look cool running around riding a broom. The game requires two teams of 7 on field at a time, 3 chasers, 2 beaters and a seeker.

- Chasers try to score points by throwing the quaffle through the oppositions hoops. Each goal scored is worth 10 points. 

- Beaters throw bludgers at the chasers to prevent them from scoring, if a player is hit by the bludger they must dismount their broom and go back to their hoops.

- The aim of a Seeker is to catch the snitch. If the snitch is caught, the catching team scores 30 points and ends the game.