Kungfu and Taekwondo

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Bangor Kungfu & Taekwondo Club

Professional martial arts and taekwondo clubs

What we do

Practice martial arts and taekwondo.

Maintain good health and keep fit through exercise

Share the wonderful kung fu movies

Communication with other universities.

Representing Bangor in the BUCS’s competition.


What can you learn

Kungfu: including Taiji, Bajiquan, Shaolin, Chinese wresting, grappling, and other kungfu form.

Sanda: a kind of kickboxing rule sparring. Attack with punches, kicks and wrestling.

Taekwondo: Professional Olympic style. Old school and control style together. The same training as the GB national team.

Historical Chinese Martial Arts: weapon fighting. Safe and fun. Operate in the semester 2.


When and where: 

TAEKWONDO- Wednesday afternoon 5:00-7:00 normal site 2.

TAIJI- Friday afternoon 2:00-3:00 normal site 2.

KUNGFU&Sanda- Saturday afternoon 2:00-4:00 Acadami.

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