We do not accept any fee rise

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Statement from Undeb Bangor Sabbatical officers

‘On the 11th July, the Secretary of Education for the Welsh Assembly, Kirsty Williams; announced that Welsh Universities would have the opportunity to increase their tuition fees for the 2018/19 academic year. We want to see the Welsh Government protect education and make it more accessible; making it easier to get into higher education, not harder. We understand budget cuts, but this was a government decision that is pushing austerity onto education. In our opinion this is a detrimental step in the wrong direction and we will continue to work closely with NUS Wales to lobby the government on something that affects students across Wales’

Ruth Plant, Mirain Llwyd, James Williams, Tatenda Shonhiwa, Helen Marchant

Statement from NUS 

The Education Secretary, Kirsty Williams AM, has today set out the Welsh Government’s plans in respect of student finance arrangements.

There are changes in terms of maintenance payments, but the headline today is that tuition fees are going to rise in line with inflation.

As you would expect, NUS Wales opposes this very strongly. While we supported the original Diamond recommendations, we cannot support any fee rise.

As we see it, the UK Government’s austerity agenda means massive cuts in Wales, and the Welsh Government has chosen to allow students to shoulder this particular burden. That is unacceptable.

We want the Welsh Government to protect the entire education budget – not just schools – just like it has done with health. You can read our full statement here. http://www.nusconnect.org.uk/articles/nus-wales-condemns-the-rise-in-tuition-fees



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