Semester 1 Highlights

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Over the 1st semester Undeb Bangor have been very busy organising all kinds of activities for you, our students.

We kicked off with Welcome weekend where our Heroes were back once again to help students move in to halls. We introduced a few new activities, Meet and Mingle and Conversation Corners; a chance for student to engage with each other in a safe environment where they could just have a conversation with like-minded people or play board games and video games. The events were well attended and it was a pleasure to see new and old students getting together and enjoying themselves. Next up in welcome week was Serendipity, where despite the beautiful rain of North Wales, we saw thousands of students work their way through the hundreds of stalls in the marquees outside and PJ and Powis Hall. Students got to sign up to Clubs, societies, volunteering projects and a few freebies were handed out, including thousands of slices of free pizza!

For the first time, the Undeb Bangor Opportunities team held the Student Leadership Conference, helping student leaders become the leaders you deserve. The Student Leadership Conference was developed to help empower the students as leaders and facilitate discussion around key leadership areas. At Undeb Bangor our vision is “to be completely relevant to you” and events such as this aim to shape the ongoing discussions that we have with you and influence how things at Undeb Bangor are done.

During October some of our key events included Destresstival, UBC and Course Rep Elections, and Su’Mae Day. We started with some volunteering recruitment and the BUCS began for the AU clubs, Societies passed the societies guild and the cluster system was introduced. Canine Calming during Destresstival week brought students to see our cuddly canine friends and we raised £179.38 for Guide Dogs Wales.

UMCB, the Welsh Students’ Union have had a very bust semester. Highlights of their semester includes their trip to the inter-college dance at Aberystwyth. UMCB Have also been busy collecting money for the local cancer ward at Ysbyty Gwynedd. With a pledge auction, UMCB raised £1500 for the ward.

Across campus students have voted for their Undeb Bangor Councillors (UBC) and Course reps, so inevitably we have been busy with course rep councils and Undeb Bangor Council. Students have been getting involved by voting on Ideas they believe will make their Bangor experience better, which in turn have been voted on by UBC. From soya or almond milk provisions across campus to free-access microwaves and making the trip registration form an online form, these are the changes that you want to see happen across the University.

We’ve run several campaigns through the first half of the semester including Welcome Week Wobbles, Black History Month and This Girl Can. We are currently working on Disability History Month, our Housing campaign, #Last Straw campaign and the Landlord Awards. Our Weekly campaigns this term have included the new PhTea; a lunch time get together (12-2pm) for all PhD students to pop in and out whenever they’re free. We’ve also introduced a brand new initiative called Opportunities Bitesize; a 1 hour masterclass session every month about one aspect of your student led projects from coaching and fundraising to finances.

Two new campaigns to look out for in the next few weeks include the brand new Welfare Committee that our President is starting and, Tatenda, VP for Sport’s brand new Welfare in Sport campaign.

We have loads more to come in the next semester and we are continually trying to improve the student experience. If you would like any more information on anything we have going on next semester or would like to know more about the things we got up to this semester, please do get in touch. You can contact us via e-mail, or drop in to one of the drop in sessions we have going on each day.


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