Response to the Restructure of the School of Music and Media

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Article about Music and Media proposed restructure

 Following from a recent consultation on proposed changes to the structure of the School of Music and Media, Undeb Bangor have since received a response from the College of Arts, Humanities and Business (CAHB) to key concerns raised by students. The full response gives reassurances relating to all concerns that were raised during the consultation, and can be seen here.

Key amongst the reassurances offered by the Dean of College and Head of School was the assurance that Music will continue to be offered as a subject by Bangor University for the foreseeable future. Given that the University will be celebrating 100 years of teaching Music in 2021, the College of Art, Humanities and Business remains committed to the subject which “occupies a special place in the University through its contributions to the broader life of the institution and its visibility in the wider community”.

A timeline was also laid out in the response received by Undeb Bangor, with the potential restructure being introduced by August 2020 at the latest. The restructure could potentially be rolled out as early as January 2020, but the Dean of College provided categorical assurances that no changes would be implemented in September 2019 for the new Academic year.

In the response, plans for the development of new programmes were also noted, with the College hoping to introduce programmes in Classical Music, Online Journalism, Professional Writing and Theatre and Performance. These will be introduced on top of the new Masters programmes which will be introduced in September 2019 including Film Studies and Sport: History, Media and Culture.

CAHB have also committed to maintaining the current levels of Welsh Language provision with the proposed restructure, and suggests that the restructure would in fact strengthen Welsh Language provisions in Music Performance and Theatre, as over 75% of staff would be Welsh speaking with the new structure, as opposed to 59% in the current School.

If you have any queries from reading the response received from the College of Arts, Humanities and Business, please send these to


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