General Meeting October 2018 Update

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Undeb Bangor General Meeting October 2018

A huge thanks to the 250+ students that attended the Undeb Bangor General Meeting on Wednesday 3rd October. It was great to see so many there and we were able to approve some crucial proposals for change.

We hold two General Meetings a year and they are an opportunity for students to directly engage with Union democracy, propose changes to our structures, hold the Officer and Trustee Team to account and hear about our work from the previous year and plans for the next.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what was discussed and the links to the papers and proposals:

  • We received an update from the Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Hughes about the University as a whole.
  • We presented an update on the work of Undeb Bangor over the last year – we’ve achieved a lot in 12 months and the full update is available on our website on the GM Page
  • We approved our affiliations for the year ahead – these were mainly to national sports governing bodies but also for things like the National Union of Students and the Ofcom (for our student radio society, Storm) Check out the full list under Our General Meeting
  • The Sabbatical Officer Team launched their team priorities for the year ahead and pledged to involve as many students as possible in their work. Check our priorities in the GM Presentation.
  • We presented our Bilingualism Bye-Law for approval which received a unanimous approval
  • We introduced you to our fantastic executive committees from AU, Societies and Volunteering.
  • We heard some success stories form our Course Reps
  • And finally we presented our Spending Statement for 2017-18 with full breakdown of all group spending and presented for approval our Budget and Grant Allocations for 2018-19. Check these out through Our General Meeting

If there are any questions please get in touch through

Our next General Meeting will be held in March 2019 and we hope to see you there

Ruth, Louise, Gethin, Muhammad and Mark

Your Sabbatical Officer Team 2018-19


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