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Welcome to the School of Ocean Sciences Course Rep Hub

Here you can find out all about your School's reps - who they are, what they do, and how you can get involved! These pages will be run by your school's Course Reps, and you can join the group in order to receive updates from the reps on what's happening within your school: what changes are being made, how your feedback is being acted upon, and much more. The reps will also share details of their plans for the coming year, including any events that they plan to run! 


Course Rep week

Course Rep week is fast approaching and the reps have been working hard to create fun events to bring SOS together as a community, we invite you all to join in and get to know your reps and peers

Your Course Reps


Get Involved!

Have a great idea for an improvement to your School? Or maybe you want to see some improvements to a certain module? Even if you just want to tell us how amazing one of your lecturers is, we want to hear it! Click the button below to submit your course-specific feedback, and the reps can look into it and see what needs to be done to ensure your academic experience is the best it can be!

Click here to submit your feedback!

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