SVB Nature Reserve

Monday 26 March 2018

11am - 5pm

Undeb Bangor 4th Floor, Pontio

SVB Nature Reserve

Parc Dudley Nature Reserve is a mixed woodland full of wildlife; including a Lesser Horseshoe bat cave, which rests on the slopes of Moel Smytho. Parc Dudley has a 1 kilometer walkway around the reserve which provides walkers with a fantastic opportunity to take in all the wildlife, scenery and fantastic views. At the moment Parc Dudley is a council owned nature reserve site which falls under the Countryside and Access department. Parc Dudley is open for the public to enjoy freely. The site is a 20th Century slate quarry which was in operation from 1924 and still has relics scattered around showcasing its former life. The current situation with Parc Dudley is that a large majority of the site is unnavigable and current walkways are near impossible for wheel chair users to access. Moreover, there are numerous points of interest which can be created to make the park a more appealing place for people to visit.

As Gwynedd council are enforcing financial cuts on Nature Reserves, Parc Dudley is in need of volunteers who will take pride in the site and work hard to bring the reserve back to its former self. With this being said, Gwynedd Council are happy to provide support, expertise and guidance to our Project Leaders to enhance their vision and creative input