Becca Kent - Vice President Sports and Healthy Living

Becca Kent is your Vice President of Sport and Healthy Living. Part of Becca's role is to be AU President. This is her second and last year as your full time elected sports officer. Becca is the key contact for the sports clubs, liaising with British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS); leading on the administration, planning and logistics of all competitive and non-competitive sporting activities; as well as running events and campaigns to encourage students to lead healthier and more active lifestyles. Becca ensures you get the best sporting experience at Bangor.

While studying Marine Environmental Studies as an undergraduate, Becca sat on the AU Exec as Events officer. Her aims with the AU Exec this year are (briefly, but definitely not limited to) to create a bigger AU community and ‘brand’, have a bigger and better Super Teams and Super Stars event where the fittest of the AU compete, run bigger campaigns getting more people active and excited about sport and lead the #winaway campaign for the prestigious Varsity competition series where in 2017 we plan to beat Aberystwyth on their home turf.

Why is This Girl Can so Important?

At Undeb Bangor our Athletic Union has supported This Girl Can events for a number of years with our This Bangor Girl twist. This is always a successful campaign that all of our student body get behind and celebrate, but  every year we always hear  the question “Why do we need a campaign for women?”is raised.

The the Athletic Union we believe it is essential to promote being active to all students because of the undeniable fact of having numerous physical and mental health benefits that can really enhance student experience. Sport England's research states that “2 million fewer women (aged 14 – 40) taking part in sport or exercising in the UK than men”.

75% of the women surveyed said they “wanted to exercise more”, but most didn’t feel like they belonged in sport because they “felt they would be judged for being the wrong shape or size, not skilled or fit enough”. During my two terms as AU President, too many women in Bangor have told me that they wouldn’t getting involved in our activities for similar reasons. This is totally unacceptable.

My philosophy is that exercise should be a reward, not a punishment. At the Athletic Union we are smashing these barriers that are preventing women from getting active by showcasing our incredible Bangor women jiggling, sweating, hitting, loving what they do and winning. We are striving to collectively empower and inspire other women to get active and their friends and peers to celebrate this. Join us and let's destroy this negative perception of sport together.

Do it like a Bangor Girl!


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