Tatenda Shonhiwa - VP for Sports

Tatenda Shonhiwa is your VP for Sports

Re: Canolfan Brailsford gym price increase

Over the past few weeks I’ve had quite a few queries from students about the price rises for student gym and student gym and classes membership at Canolfan Brailsford that have been effective since the start of August. We are aware that this increase in costs may start leading to barriers for gym users as well as those who use facilities just for physical wellbeing. We understand the concerns that you have and are considering options.

We have already raised the same thoughts with the Director of Sport at Bangor University and the outcome of that meeting was that the prices will not reduce. For those of you that may not be aware, the price rises for use of Sports facilities at Bangor have also increased for this coming year.

Canolfan Brailsford formally Maes Glas, has always offered a gym and exercise offer to students that has always allowed for students to access the facility. However, with income targets and the new development of Platfform 81, we believe that their financial goals are now clashing with the best interests of the students.

One idea, that we did discuss with the Director of Sport is to work towards gaining free gym membership for all Bangor students so that anybody can have use of the gym at times that suit them without the increasingly restrictive costs. This is still a long shot but something we feel will reduce the barrier to physical activity for students.

If that option is not possible, we will look at ensuring that these price increases for students go up in line with student loans and not inflation.

As your elected representative, I am here to work with you on matters such as this and therefor would like to hear from you if this is something that you would like me to raise further. You can email me at vpsport@undebbangor.com.



Tatenda Shonhiwa

VP for Sports


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