Mark Barrow - VP for Education

Mark Barrow is a recent graduate from the School of History and Archaeology. He has been elected to serve as your new Vice President for Education.

During his time as a student, Mark actively got involved in many different University and Students’ Union roles and activities. He was a Course Rep for three years, and during that time he organised two student-led trips, to Berlin and Krakow, and Prague. Mark’s work as a Course Rep saw him win the prestigious Ede and Ravenscroft award, in 2017. Mark also represented the University as an Open Day assistant, besides becoming a member of the ‘Bangor Fund’ Telethon team.

As Vice President for Education, Mark will work with his fellow Sabbatical Officers, and University members of staff, to enhance the educational experience for all students. By listening and learning from students, Mark will tirelessly work upon any concerns or advice that is given to him.

Mark intends to set up a Sexual Harassment campaign, to safeguard and protect vulnerable students, and to ensure that there is no ‘grey area’. He also wants to work with the Course Rep system, to ensure Course Reps provide a practical and meaningful opportunity for all students within their School. Mark will be operating an ‘open door’ policy, and encourages students to come and speak to him, and their Union, whenever they want to!

Huge progress in first two months!

It is hard to believe I’ve only been your Vice President for Education for just two months – it already feels like I’ve been here for ages!

It would be easy for me to say that I’ve spent these first few weeks settling in, and getting to know people. That is true, of course, but I’ve been doing a lot more things besides that, in my attempts to enhance your students experience during the next academic year.


Firstly, I have now been to three Student Union conferences. The purpose of these conferences is for Sabbatical Officers, from across the UK, to come together in a group, whilst attending training sessions to help prepare us for the year ahead.

The training sessions are beneficial, as they have provided me with skills that will become invaluable during my time as your VP for Education. However, I found the networking with other Sabbs to be the most useful part. Hearing about their experiences, and what they are trying to achieve at their Students’ Union, has really inspired me.

Sexual Harassment

Back in the office, I have made progress in regards to all my priorities for the next year, in line with my manifesto.

So far, I have dedicated lots of my time to a Sexual Harassment prevention campaign, which will start on 26 November. I am pleased to say this campaign is coming together really well.

The campaign will be launched through a campaign video, which I have already secured funding for. The video will consist of several students, and staff members, outlining just what Sexual Harassment is, and where victims can seek professional help, within the University.

Following the release of the video, the campaign will be very visible across Bangor. I am in the process of setting up our own ‘Reclaim the Night’ event, which will reiterate that every person is safe to walk around Bangor during darkness.

The campaign will see parts of the University’s Sexual Violence policy written on our huge, movable white board, which students can add their names to, thereby conveying our unity against Sexual Harassment.

Keep an eye out for updates on this campaign, and for exciting ways for you to be involved.

Housing campaigns

I have also been working on two housing campaigns, which also align with my manifesto.

Firstly, I have been working in partnership with ‘Marks Out Of Tenancy’, which is a house reviewing platform. This allows you to complete a review for a property you have lived in, based on the landlord, estate agent, location and the house itself. I’m hoping this will provide students with reliable and accurate information before they sign up to a property.

I’ve also been planning a ‘Don’t Panic’ campaign, which is going to be held between 13 and 15 November. The purpose of this campaign is to provide students with detailed information about the accommodation in Bangor, and to reassure you that there is no need to panic into signing a contract!

Again, stay tuned to hear about how you can be involved in these campaigns.

Plastic reduction campaign

One of my other pledges is to work on a campaign to reduce our plastic consumption.

I have been working closely with the University’s Catering team, so that we as a Students’ Union can promote their reusable coffee mugs. 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away each year, but by investing in one of these reusable mugs, you are doing something to practically help the environment! You can also get a 10p discount on any hot drink by possessing one of them.

There will be many exciting ways you can be involved in our plastic reduction campaign. We have already arranged a beach clean volunteering project for 29th September, which any student can come along to, whilst you can even provide us with your very own plastic reduction ‘top tip’.

Contacting me

I’m hoping to have all my campaigns planned ahead of Welcome Week. From then on I will be very busy helping and advising students, along with getting to know the different Course Reps!

If you would like to contact me, please remember that I have an ‘open door’ policy, so feel free to come into the Students’ Union for a chat. Otherwise, my email address is You can also add me on Facebook: