Mark Barrow - Undeb Bangor President

Mark Barrow
01248 388001

Mark Barrow graduated with a History with Journalism degree in 2018, and was Undeb Bangor’s Vice President for Education during the 2018=19 academic year. He has now been elected to serve as your President.

During his time as a student, Mark actively got involved in many different University and Students’ Union roles and activities. He was a Course Rep for three years, and during that time he organised two student-led trips, to Berlin and Krakow, and Prague. Mark’s work as a Course Rep saw him win the prestigious Ede and Ravenscroft award, in 2017. Mark also represented the University as an Open Day assistant, besides becoming a member of the ‘Bangor Fund’ Telethon team.

During his time as your VP for Education, Mark led on many different Student Union campaigns and activities. He set up the No Grey Area campaign, which attempts to raise awareness of the issues of sexual harassment and assault at University campuses, and to highlight that any student can receive appropriate support from within the University. He also set up a house reviewing platform, called Marks Out Of Tenancy, so that students have a reliable place to review their student property. Mark also worked with students, particularly Course Reps, in responding to the University’s restructuring process, and reformed ‘Course Rep Council’ to make it a more discussion-focused and relevant forum.

As President, Mark will be continuing to make sure that you are being listened to. He will continue with some of the campaigns that he has already been working on, such as No Grey Area and a ‘Don’t Panic’ housing campaign. He will be setting up Undeb Bangor’s Job Shop, so that any student is aware of where to find part-time work, and extra money, whilst studying in Bangor. He will be trying to make ‘sustainability’, and ‘employability’, embedded into Student Union activities, and is the main point of contact between the student body, local community and Bangor University.

For more information, you can contact Mark at, by giving him a ring on 01248 388001, or by calling into the Students’ Union. He is happy to meet with any student, to ensure that you are being heard!

How are we already in October?

Hi everyone. I felt like now was a good time to update you on what I have been working on over the past couple of months, and what I am working on for later in the semester. Everyone in the Students’ Union has been very busy over the past few weeks, so finding the time to reflect on what you’ve actually been working on can be quite difficult!

I also cannot believe that we’re now in October! It doesn’t seem two minutes since the summer, when everything seemed really quiet, and now, all of a sudden, welcome week has been and gone!

Also, I am continuing to enjoy working with the rest of the Sabb team. Everyone is so motivated to make a positive impact within their different areas. It really is a pleasure to be a part of.

Wider engagement with the student body

One of my priorities, which has developed into a Sabbatical team priority, is around letting you know what the Students’ Union is working on, and to ensure you’re aware of what you can get involved in. This was in my manifesto, and I’m pleased to say that it is being actioned upon. With the help of my colleague, Conor, we have put together an engagement plan, whereby all the Sabb team go into lectures, besides into libraries and different communal areas, to provide you with regular updated. I’m sure you’ll be starting to see a lot more of us!

This idea stemmed from feedback we’ve had in the past that we don’t go out and speak to students enough. I completely agree that it is never enough to just put something on social media, or just send an email. We also have to be out and about, letting you know what we do, and equally letting you know what you are able to get involved in.


Bangor University has gone through quite a dramatic and turbulent few months, and it’s really important that I remain aware of what is happening, so that your voice continues to be heard. We now have a new Vice Chancellor in place, Professor Iwan Davies, and he has brought some innovative and exciting ideas to Bangor.

This has all meant that there is new direction for the University in many areas. The Vice Chancellor’s number one priority is ‘employability’, and this is something I completely agree with. We have to ensure that all students are fully prepared for the world of work, and that you’re being given the relevant skills and experience. This is why a new Employability Strategy is being introduced, which I have been feeding into. One of the best examples of progress in this area is the announcement that, as of this September, work placement opportunities will be introduced on every single undergraduate degree programme.

In addition, I believe that Student Union activities provide students with excellent transferable skills, which you can take into the workplace. For example, if you are a committee member for a particular club, society or volunteering project, you are able to gain skills in leadership and representation, besides confidence and public speaking. That is why I am working to ensure employability is at the heart of all our activities.


Similarly, I am working on embedding ‘sustainability’ into all areas of the Students’ Union. This is something many students are passionate about, and we have recently recruited a student-staff member to help with this. It is important to remember that sustainability is not just environmental,


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