Louise Fell - VP for Sports

Louise Fell is a recent graduate from the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science. She has been elected to serve as your new Vice President of Sport.

During her four years in Bangor, Louise was actively involved throughout the Athletics Union, taking on various committee roles in different clubs. She was Vice 1st Team Captain of the Women’s Cricket Club in 2016/17 and the Vice Club Captain of the Badminton Team in 2017/18. As well as this, she was in the AU Executive Committee as the Publicity and Communications Officer in 2017/18 that helped run many successful events, such as Superteams, the AU Dinner and the preparation for Varsity. 

As your Athletic Union President, Louise intends to work in collaboration with her fellow Sabbatical Officers and the Opportunities team within the Students Union, to help enhance the Bangor sports experience for all students. Louise intends to work relentlessly to ensure that she accurately represents the sporting body, and any concerns they may have.

Louise intends to focus on the financial sustainability and self-sufficiency of clubs, to ensure they never experience a financial crisis again, through a strong Fundraising strategy, and ensuring the right support and guidance is provided to the students by Union staff. Mental Health is also a very important aspect of Louise’s plan of the year, as she hopes to run a Men’s Mental Health campaign in 2019, as it is one of the least talked about points of mental health, and so she hopes to take steps to start the conversation in Bangor through Alright Mate? and #ITSOKAYTONOTBEOKAY national initiatives.

Louise has an open door policy, and wholeheartedly encourages students to come to speak to her whenever they like. Whether it is just to catch up and have a chat, to discuss a problem - or to start up your very own club, she is happy to listen!


Tue 22 Jan 2019

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