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Lleucu Myrddin
UMCB President 
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Lleucu originally comes from Llwyndyrys, near Pwllheli and chose Bangor University back in 2016 due to the Welsh society here. She graduated last year with a joint honours degree in History and Sociology and although she thoroughly enjoyed her course, being a part of the excitement of UMCB without a doubt made her student experience all the more special.

As a student, Lleucu was very active with UMCB as the First Year Representative, JMJ President and a member of the Cymric and was a member of the Executive Committee for three years. Running for UMCB President was the next natural step and Lleucu views her role as an opportunity to give something back to the Welsh students as a thanks for years of happiness.

The Welsh language and culture has been very important to Lleucu since she was young, and she’s very passionate in ensuring that they’re respected and celebrated in establishments such as Undeb Bangor and Bangor University. Therefore Lleucu is ready to give a voice to the Welsh students at Bangor, and is keen to encourage more students to use and be proud of the language.

Wed 22 Jan 2020

Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2020.

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all enjoyed the first semester and looking forward to the new term as much as me! I’ve had a shock at realising that I only have just under six months left as the President of UMCB so I intend to make the most of the time I have left to give you the welsh students of Bangor the best possible experiences.



Even though I’m thoroughly enjoying my time as President of UMCB, I will not be seeking re-election as I favour the idea of UMCB having a new leader every year to offer their own ideas and vison for the future of UMCB. I will be hosting a night at the common room in JMJ on the 22nd of January at 6.30pm which will give you further information about my role for anyone that is interested in learning more or considering standing. Go for it!


Welsh Students’ Experiences

The survey about experiences of welsh students in their first year of studying has now closed which means by now I am working on a report that includes the findings from the survey. The intent of the survey was to have a better of the early experiences of the students involved and their opinion about the provision and opportunities that are available to them through the median of welsh, and to see what we and the University can to better their experience. I’m very pleased that 96 students who are studying in their 1st year have completed the survey, which is a very high figure considering that UMCB haven’t done anything like this in recent years. I’ll be sharing the report soon so keep an eye out for it.


UMCB Volunteering

Volunteering will have much more attention from myself during this semester and at this time I’m looking at the possibility of having all the UMCB societies and sports teams to be responsible for a volunteering session over a period of a month. Hopefully this will be an opportunity to give something back to the local community and our students will have a taste of volunteering and decide to do more of it in the future.


Busy Term Socially

There are two big trips on the horizon for UMCB students over the coming months which are the rugby trip to Dublin and the ‘Eisteddfod Rhyng-gol’ weekend in Aberystwyth which we’ve been exited for a while. The preparations for the Eisteddfod will start soon and we’re hoping to be bringing back the shield for the 5th year in a row.

The sports teams will restart practices on the 20th of January and there are many different games on the horizon for the different teams coming up this term. Apart of the ‘Rhyng-gol’, another highlight for the sports teams will be our competition against the Irish Society of the University which will be held on the 21st and 22nd of February. More information will follow shortly.

Keep an eye on our societies’ social media pages to find out when will they restart after the break and what is coming over the horizon.

Bye for now!


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Thu 10 Oct 2019

The last few months have been busy!

Since starting as the UMCB President in June, the other Sabbs and I have been in many training sessions or courses throughout the summer. Between that, visiting comprehensive schools with the Marketing department and the National Eisteddfod, I’ve travelled a lot over the summer going from one thing to another.

I also did a lot of work in the preparations for the Welcome Week trying to ensure that there was more Welsh included this year, promoting bilingualism from the beginning. I also organized events for the week, such as the event for Welsh students living at home, and the Welsh Taster Session with Campus Life on the Ffriddoedd site. We also had a lot of fun painting the JMJ Common Room with a crew of UMCB students, ensuring that the room was ready to welcome all of the new students.

The Welcome Week was a huge success and I’m very grateful to the committee, and especially to the Cymric for all of their hard work organizing events and ensuring that our new members were welcomed to our special community. Time has flown since the Welcome Week and the new students are now a part of all of our events which is brilliant to see so early in the year.

As usual, this term is already very busy for our members with a great group of students coming to Aelwyd JMJ and the Cymric’s Sports practices- things are looking very good for the ‘Eisteddfod Rhyng-gol’! Amid all of the excitement I’m ready to speak to any Student about their experience and any problems that may arise so please contact me if there’s anything you’d like to talk about throughout the year.


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