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Harry Riley
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Harry Riley is a recent Masters in Biology graduate from the School of Natural Sciences. He has been elected to serve as your Vice President for Education.

He is originally from The Wirral and since his time at university has been the President of the Biological Society, Treasurer for the Debating Union, Senior Peer Guide and a Campus Life Coordinator. He also set up the Plastic Free Bangor Campaign.

As Vice President for Education, Harry intends to work with the employability service on increasing graduate prospects for students at Bangor and wants to do this by improving the careers fair and would like to create school specific fairs. He would also like to create a link between courses and their respective learned society such as The Royal Society of Biology/British Psychology Society in order to offer more opportunities to students here at Bangor.

Harry wants students to know that the only reason he is here is to represent them. He has an open door policy and is happy to hear any student’s academic queries or even just to come in for a chat.

Thu 24 Oct 2019

It’s almost Halloween!So, what have I been up to since the last one of these?


In the past month I worked on and released Undeb Bangor’s stance against a No-Deal Brexit which then led to me securing £1250 in funding from For Our Future’s Sake to send a big coach full of us down to London last week for the People’s Vote march! It was a roaring success and we marched alongside over 1 million others for a second referendum. Many of our students didn’t get the chance to vote back in 2016 which is one of the reasons why we demand a People’s Vote.



We’ve just elected our course reps and there’s nearly 300 of them!! This is so important for making sure the Student Voice is heard and that your views on education are represented and acted upon. We’re now nearly at the end of training and I can tell we’re going to have a great year. In addition to our course reps we’ve just elected our Undeb Bangor Councillors too! These guys are here to represent students on almost every demographic from EU students to Parents and Carers alongside representing views on the Environment and Mental Health too! Our first Council went so well, we debated and passed a number of Ideas which have been on my agenda and I’m glad I’ve got the backing too!


I’ve also been working closely with Henry, our VP sports, on tackling lectures put on a Wednesday afternoon which we’re seeing considerable improvements on already!



I’ve been hard at work making sure the University takes sustainability seriously. I’ve been working very closely with the Sustainability Lab on Waste Awareness Week which was a success, informing students on proper recycling practices. One big win is that the university has now got rid of plastic cups at Main Arts for Open Days and hopefully we can roll more of this out across the board. I’ve also been working on an Undeb Procurement Policy which will guide our staff so that when we’re purchasing items, their sustainable value is looked at. This will also be rolled out for Serendipity next year hopefully.


Overall I’m still really loving my time as VP Education and as always, if you’ve got any issues, please just let me know!

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Tue 24 Sep 2019

September is here, my first three months in office!

Since starting in June it’s been pretty much non-stop! We started off with two weeks of training and team-bonding, learning all about how to be great sabbs and becoming closer to the team. We all then attended a NUS Lead and Change conference where we got the chance to meet officers from all across the country to share ideas and best practice, I found this super useful and it made me realise that in Bangor we’re ahead of the game for most things! The networking (and night out) was really valuable to making connections on how we can lobby the UK government for change!

Since these conferences it’s really been all about planning for this coming year and I have a number of plans in-store! I was contacted recently by People and Planet asking if we could lobby Bangor University to divest in Fossil Fuels and to my happy surprise, when I enquired I found out we’d actually been divested since 01/08/2016! I’ll be working to get this information out to everyone as it’s important people know! Another sustainability point is that I’ve just launched Meat-Free Mondays in the office too which is great and will be rolling the campaign out to you guys very soon! It’s also been confirmed that Teras and Cegin both take part in Meat-Free Mondays!

I’ve also been planning a campaign around employability and careers. It’s still in its early stages but the main point is that it’s okay not to know what you want to do after uni!! Keep an eye out for this in S2. In addition to this I’ve been meeting all of the Directors of Student Engagement with my work pal Tash (Democracy and Representation Coordinator) to discuss making the course rep scheme the best it can be!

Now, before I know it, it’s nearly the end of September and time is flying by! Serendipity was a huge success and after about a million welcome week talks I think I’ve seen almost 7000 of you in a week! (sorry!!) I’m really looking forward to the rest of the year and can’t wait to see what else comes up!


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