Gethin Morgan - UMCB President

Gethin Morgan was born and bred in Lampeter in west Wales, and comes from an agricultural background. He was raised in a naturally Welsh and Welsh-speaking community, hence why he chose to study in Bangor University’s close-knitted community. He graduated with a degree in Welsh in 2018 and he looks forward for the year ahead as the President for UMCB (Undeb Bangor’s Union for Welsh speakers).

Whilst studying at Bangor Gethin was a hard-working member of the UMCB Exec for three years, as well as being the President of JMJ Residential Hall for a year. He was also a keen member of the organising committee for the 2017 Intercollegiate Eisteddfod, as well as being secretary of Aelwyd JMJ for 2 years. Furthering UMCB’s aims has been important to Gethin from day one since coming to Bangor, and he hopes to continue promoting the excellent work UMCB members do.

During his year Gethin hopes to establish stronger ties between UMCB and Undeb Bangor, and ensure that the interests of Welsh speakers are defended during the restructuring of the University. He also hopes to develop a reward scheme for UMCB Members, as well as making sure all student-staff committees have a Welsh-speaking course reps.

Gethin has an open-door policy, so you’re welcome to pop by any time!