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Award Winners 2019/2020

-Club of the Year - Ultimate Fisbee

Bangor Ultimate have had an incredible year. The club is deserving of this award for both their commitment and performance. Having won BUCS Northern Division 1, the club achieved a silver medal at Indoor Nationals. Alongside success, the club is extremely welcoming, hosting a men’s, a women’s and a mixed side. Proactive management of the club has enabled sustainable fundraising, good recruitment and bespoke training sessions for the development of all skill levels. Furthermore, whilst Bangor Ultimate are out there competing with much bigger universities, they have also successfully hosted two tournaments, inviting many other Universities to our facilities to get involved. We would like to congratulate Ultimate Frisbee as our Club of the Year!



-Team of the Year - Womens Squash

This year, the Women’s Squash team have enjoyed unprecedented levels of success. Namely, they have not lost a single match in any competition: BUCS or the Conference Cup. The Women’s Squash team are the only Bangor team to win Northern Conference Cup this year. The team were also poised to take the BUCS division title, 2 points away from promotion having been undefeated with 3 fixtures to play. We consider the Women’s Squash team to be the most dominant AU team for 2019/20. Congratulations to the players and coaches!


-Steve Connor Spirit of the AU - Boxing

The Boxing club have come on leaps and bounds this year in terms of their ongoing development. A positive atmosphere of inclusivity and diversity has led to a huge increase in club members. The club committee have been exceptional in their proactive management of the club, resulting in efficient fundraising and extra training sessions with an increased focus on coaching. Despite having no inter-university competition throughout the year, the club has shown unrivalled levels of dedication to their training. As well as this, the club were crowned winners at the AU Superteams, testament to their efforts! Congratulations to Boxing!


-Sportsman - Aidan Clark

Aidan is a senior figure in the football team and a prolific goal scorer, taking away 23 goals and 8 assists in a 13 game campaign. Going the extra mile on and off the pitch, Aidan played an instrumental role in the Football club’s charity efforts this year, running the Anglesey Half Marathon and shaving his head for Movember. Always welcoming new players into the club, Aidan also took on the role of Campus Sport Football Coordinator, encouraging many students of all skill levels to get involved with the game. We would like to extend a massive congratulations to Aidan, and the reassurance that we will never forget those 4 goals…


-Sportswoman - Bass Andres

As the Club Captain of Rowing, Bass excels in both her performance and dedication to the club. Always offering a helping hand to those wanting to push themselves further in the sport, Bass helps coach students wanting to give the sport a go. Through consistent performances in UK BUCS competition, Bass has achieved a position on the GB start-up program, and since been awarded a rowing scholarship at the University of Tulsa, USA. Having only rowed for a few years, Bass is an excellent role model for what you can achieve through hard work and dedication. She exemplifies the attributes of a great captain and has been a pleasure to work with! Congratulations and good luck, Bass!


- Female fresher of the year - Maren Bick-Maurischat
Maren came to Bangor having never played Rugby Union before. Upon her arrival, Maren jumped straight in, eager to learn and soak up as much of the game as she could! She is a team player who is always keen to help out and encourage others to get involved. Now a regular first team player, Maren continually puts herself forward to help out with fundraising and other events. Maren’s dedication to a new sport is evident in her taking on the challenge as a volunteer coach/referee for youth rugby in the community! Congratulations, Maren!


- Male fresher of the year - Jaden Simmonds

Jaden joined Bangor Muddogs and hit the ground running. Quickly settling in, Jaden has demonstrated talent, leadership, kindness and a passion for the Sport. Having impressed early on, Jaden was elected Defensive Captain in his first season. Jaden was elected to be next year’s Captain, and hopes to make the game more diverse and inclusive to girls. This year, Jaden was scouted to be a part of GB’s under 19s American Football team, and as a result has gone on to be accepted into a football academy in Canada. An amazing achievement and we wish him all the best!


- Club Captain of the Year 2020 - Iona Shearer

This year we decided to recognise a Club Captain within the AU that has gone the extra mile. A large responsibility of any Club Captain is being engaged, responsive and proactive with the AU staff team. This year, as Club Captain of Women’s Hockey, Iona has epitomised the ideal qualities of a Captain. Despite some bumps in the road for the club this year, Iona has been exceptional in her professionalism, kindness, and in looking out for fellow members of the club. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Well done Iona!


- AU Presisents Award - Anthony McGee

The recipient of this year’s award has demonstrated high commitment and excellence within the AU. Ant selflessly volunteered himself to support Henry and Richard in developing the AU Head 2 Head series. Without Ant’s expertise and creative editing skills, the series wouldn’t have been possible. With at least 2 hours filming a week, on top of hours of editing, the AU is extremely grateful for his contribution and are pleased to present him with this award.

Award Winners 2018/2019

- Varsity Team of the year - Mens Football




-Club of the Year - Surf

This Club has it all. Great relationship with the SU. They have een successful at BUCS. On top of that this year they have, totally transformed the opinions of the senior managers in the SU about teams that have previously been troublesome. They have constantly supported the Vx3 contract, despite it not being a contract that suited their sporting needs. They brought back a massive win at Varsity, and do this all whilst being one of the most environmentally conscious clubs we have in Bangor, if they aren’t getting on it at Menai, or catching some waves, they are saving the planet, one litter pick and reusable water-bottle at a time.



-Team of the Year - Womens Basketbasll

This team has always been a successful team at Bangor University. This year marks an incredibly successful season for this side. Bangor University is often seen as an underdog in the Northern BUCS Leagues, but this team has shown that they are a force to be reckoned with. Although they have frequently switched between leagues 1&2 for the last few years, the strength of their squad, accompanied with a world class coach means that the 2019/20 season could potentially be just as successful as this years has been.

Unbeaten in the League, and unlucky to go out in the Semi-Finals of the Cup – you truly are the uncontested winner of this award.

-Steve Connor Spirit of the AU - Womens Hockey

This Club has ensured they are a constant presence in all aspects of the Athletic Union. They have attended every single AU event, typically in some admirable fancy dress. They have raised money for Charity through their annual tournament, and even had one of their members shave their head in support of the cause. They have single- handedly kept the new endeavour of ‘Focus Fixtures’ alive .



-Sportsman -Theo Schoebel

He joined this club in 2018 and promptly gained a prominent place in the squad. He has been working tirelessly to improve his understanding and technique in the sport, and it has begun to pay off. As well as being an excellent sportsman, he is always first to put himself forward for AU events such as Superteams and Dodgeball tournaments, and has been instrumental in the fundraisers we have had as a club this year. His commitment to both sides of the club has culminated in him being the most successful member in the Club’s history, winning their first ever BUCS bronze medal, and he will soon be jetting out to Croatia to compete in the European Universities Student Championships, representing Bangor on a European level.


-Sportswoman - Sonja Samokovlija

The recipient of this award has gone above and beyond representing her club at Bangor University, the individual epitomises every sense of the word leader and has been recognised by her peers as a role model and mentor.

She has cultivated a winning environment, whilst promoting a strong sense of cohesion throughout the club.

She is a selfless team-captain often sacrificing her own scoring opportunities to aid the development and boost the confidence of her fellow teammates. This is what Bangor sport is all about, excellence, humility and sportsmanship.


- Female fresher of the year - Arcadia Seldon

This individual has made leaps and bounds in her abilities this year. She has absolutely embraced life in Bangor, and thrown herself into competing for the University on the biggest stages. Sliding right in to a competitive squad, despite it being a rarity, she showed tenacity and drive to ensure that she always up their matching the abilities of some of the older members of the squad.  She’s brought medals back for Bangor on a national stage, and I have no doubt that she’ll start bringing them back on an international stage by the end of her time in Bangor.


- Male fresher of the year  -Chris WIlden

He has been an integral part of the club this year. He has attended almost all of the events the club has run. In addition, his willingness to go the extra mile within the club, as meant that many sessions are able to go ahead as a result of his willingness.  Additionally, he has acquired the role of freshers rep this year, and has effectively bridged the gap between many older members as well as the younger members of the club, allowing for everyone within the club to foster a happy ad friendly atmosphere.  He has been an absolute delight to work with, and I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t go on to be an excellent Club Captain.


- Open award - Seren

This year, the work by this group has been phenomenal, totally transforming how students see Bangor University sport.Your coverage of Varsity was top notch, and Finnian in particular, your commentary of the men’s final fixture was exquisite. Finnian, Corie & the rest of Seren - your work this year has been tireless, and the Athletic Union feel that it has not been totally appreciated.




- AU Presisents Award - Thomas Weller

Award Winners 2017/2018

Varsity Team of the year - Squash

The winners for this years award went above and beyond showing the values of Bangor Athletic Union, the club had a female athlete competing against Abers top seed on the day in a male game (SHE WON, just showing this Bangor Girl CAN), they had 5 friendly games against Aber running alongside the day just to get more members as part of the day!



-Club of the Year - Netball

The club has gone above and beyond excelling both in competition and with including AU community with what they do. They have supported getting more members of Bangor University in getting involved in their sport. They have competed with many clubs and teams in higher leagues to them and come victorious. The club has raised a lot of money for charity and even included local businesses to what they do.


Team of the Year - American Football

The team this year has put an emphasis on creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere, they have increased their recruitment numbers this year, and had an increase of female participants with now 7. They have made a huge commitment to their improvement by devoting many hours for training with extra hours for film stations as well as gym. This past year their season only ended due to reasons beyond the club.

Steve Connor Spirit of the AU - Swimming

The winner of this years award have been an exemplary club for AU community, they have been ever present in all of the AU’s events across the year, they have developed a community partnership with a local club to aid in the training of their members, regularly taking trips to Liverpool for training for long course training.

Sportsman - Jake Mcbride

The recipient of  this award has assisted in the development of the clubs members, while balancing a hectic course. He has set an example to all the clubs members and helped motivate members to strive for success, all while enforcing the ethos of the club being all about family. The individual has championed the big brother system to the clubs members, which support new and old members. A few nominations spoke on how his experience of Bangor Sport would not be the same without him.

Sportswoman - Milly Sidaway

This individual always puts herself second and the success of the team first.

They are a mentor, coach and a role model in their club.

This individual is the second best individual player in the league.


Female fresher of the year - Octavia Owen

This years winner, took on the helm of a club which was struggling, they have supported and shaped the club, showing commitment and passion to the club, they have excelled representing their club around the UK and in Europe, winning at National events. The individual has excelled placing 3rd place at BUSA team nations.


Male fresher of the year  - Stephen Cheung

The recipient of this award has shown tremendous commitment to the club, and towards his own development. The student has strived to ensure that those around him are happy, which has led to him being elected as social secretary for next year. The recipient of this award this year has battled every hurdle that’s been placed in his path to ensure he does well.

Open award - Miriam Scattergood

For their commitment to support their club.

As a student they have ensured that for the first time in many years the club has fulfilled all the away fixtures

Ensured the training of there members, doing all this while being a mature student and running your own business.

This student has been able to grow the club, by expanding the committee and securing sponsorship for the first time for the club.


AU Presisents Award -Caitlin Wakefield

Award Winners 2016/2017

Varsity Team of the year - Womens Football

This team Hammered Aberystwyth university …. , along with most of our teams.
They didn’t look threatened at all even though in previous years it was a tricky fixture.
There been a great winning mentality within the girls team throughout the whole year.
Well done on their 8-0 victory


-Club of the Year - Powerlifting

This club are welcoming and create a supportive atmosphere to students who are new and elite to the sport, which shows in their member retention.
This club are revered by student and staff with the atmosphere they create with their supportive community.
Every committee member has worked hard to produce some amazing sessions that are both relaxed and challenging.
They have arranged their own and taken members to UK wide competitions for all abilities.
Although this club have been running for less than a year they have already 2 golds and a bronze at the British University Championships bringing the Women’s team second over all qualifying them for the World Championships.


Team of the Year - Womens Football

This team have shown dedication and passion throughout the year.
Their Sportsmanship is next to none.
Each and every member is a real ambassador for the club, sport and University.
Throughout the year they have supported tirelessly other AU teams, AU Charity, AU campaigns and AU Night.
This club have won 2 leagues and have been promoted to BUCS Division 1A.


Steve Connor Spirit of the AU -

Steve Connor was a previous AU president that had a great impact on the union and has help to get to where we are today. Sadly Connor is no longer with us.
This club is skilled, strong and flexible.
This club are smashing negative stereotypes associated with their sport, through education, empowerment and inclusivity.
This club have hosted the first every national university competition in their sport.
This club have showcase at the Undeb Opening party, This Girl Can, at the NUS Wales Awards and AU Dinner leaving audiences amazed with perceptions shifted wherever they perform.


Sportsman - Will Chambers

He has a positive, humble attitude and always commits himself to the best of his ability.
His positive attitude motivates and inspires all the 4 clubs he is involved with.
This student has dedicated 100% of his free time to sport training and competing most early mornings and late evenings and weekends with multiple AU clubs without fail in addition to his individual training to build his performance.
When this student isn’t training he uses his time to volunteer, raise money for charity and support other clubs despite being a full time postgraduate student.
He also competed in all 4 of them in Varsity.

-Sportswoman - Chrystal Williams

This student has ensured that all the members of her clubs feel welcome and valued regardless of ability.
She is a inspiration and champion for many female athletes as she is known for her shattering stereotypes in male dominated sports.
She is not just an exceptional athlete herself, but dedicates her time to developing and welcoming others.
She is a British and European Champion and well on her way to worlds.


- Female fresher of the year - Charlotte Clare

This student has been a role model and shown exceptional commitment in her short time here.
She has become a big part of the club with her positive attitude taking a role as a real leader developing not just herself, but her team.
Since September she has excelled in both confidence and performance going from a very quiet team member to being appointed the team captain of their club's second team, with only being in her first year of university.


- Male fresher of the year  - Idris Kamtcheu

This student started the year as a novice ready and willing to throw himself into his sport, both physically and through commitment never looking back.
He has sacrificing his time and resources to push himself to improve and achieve.
This student arrives to sessions early to ensure the club are fully supported and can start on time.
This student progressed quickly throughout the year and performed admirably at competition.
This person's attitude and dedication to the sport has earnt him the respect of his club and lead him to take a leadership role.

- Open award -Neil Harold (Coach)

Neil has shown dedication to not just American Football, which he has already been recognised for, but for Rugby Union Mens and Womens and League.His years of dedication volunteering to coach, film and analyse was just the surface of his nomination. Neil has gone above and beyond to funded himself through course and travel to away matches. Neil is always dedicated to help the AU with whatever is needed whenever his is asked and on many occasions readily offering his service.


- AU Presisents Award - Ruth Plant (RAG Queen)

Award Winners 2015/2016

Varsity Team of the year - American Football

-Club of the Year - Judo


Team of the Year - Womens Hockey



Steve Connor Spirit of the AU - Womens Cricket



Sportsman - Connor O'Brain



Sportswoman - Emily Dunn



Female fresher of the year - Amber Allford



Male fresher of the year  - Jess Allen



Open award - Partick Chan 



AU Presisents Award - Lydia Tabrizi


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