Welcome to Undeb Bangor events!

We continue to update our events throughout the year! Keep an eye out for more events and more details!


St David's Day International Twmpath
28th February 8pm - 10pm
Powis Hall
Event bu IEC. Experience an evening of Welsh culture and have a go at Welsh traditional dancing!
SLTA's & Course Rep Nominations Closes
29th February midnight - 1st March midnight
FeBRAry Netball Tournament
29th February 10am - 3pm
The Dome, Brailsford
Volunteering and RAG week
1st March midnight - 8th March midnight
Various locations
Sabb Election Campaigning Starts!
2nd March 9am - 13th March noon
Sabb Election Question Time
10th March midnight - 11th March midnight
More information coming soon
Sabb Election Voting Opens
11th March midnight - 13th March noon
International One World Gala
13th March 7pm - 11pm
PJ Hall
Intercollegiate Eisteddfod
14th March 9am - 7pm
Course Rep Council
18th March noon - 4:30pm
Wheldon 5&6
Undeb Bangor General Meeting
19th March 6pm - 8pm
Varsity & Socs Fest
21st March 9am - 10pm
Various Locations
De-Stresstival Week
23rd March midnight - 30th March midnight
Various Locations
SVB Spring Tea Party
28th March noon - 4pm
Powis Hall
Landlord Awards
30th March 7pm - 8:30pm
Cledwyn Conference Room 3
Socs & Vol Dinner
2nd April 6pm - 10pm
PJ Hall
AU Dinner
29th April 6pm - 10pm
PJ Hall
Student Voice Awards
1st May 6pm - 10pm
PJ Hall
Old Stars Weekend
2nd May midnight - 4th May midnight
Various Locations
Study Aid
5th May midnight - 14th May 5pm
Various Locations
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