“We’ll continue to develop our work in this area by embedding sustainability into everything we do, aligning our work closely with the University so that resources can be shared and opportunities for development utilised.”


  • Maintain our proud success with Green Impact – so that you can ensure we are constantly getting better
  • Review our training programmes to include education on sustainability – so that you can adopt and implement ideas in your work
  • Create an Ethical Investment and Fundraising Policy - so that you decide how we invest our money and from where we get it
  • Introduce a sustainability test to all of our decisions – so you can ensure that we are considering future resources and needs
  • Invest in renewable vehicles – so that we can work with you to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Set up a Green Fund – so that you can use our support to put your ideas into action

WE’LL KNOW WE HAVE ACHIEVED THIS IF: By 2019, 80% of students agree ‘that Undeb Bangor is pro-actively developing sustainable activities and ways of working’

Sustainability is fast becoming a priority for the student movement. In recent years Bangor Students’ Union have started integrating sustainability into our own practices.

The Bangor Students’ Union is actively engaged in improving its sustainability and environmental impact. From organising community volunteering, to lobbying the University on sustainability issues, the union wants to raise awareness on sustainability and how we can reduce our environmental impact and make a positive contribution to brining sustainability to student’s lives.