Our role, as a Students’ Union, is to make sure you have a great time in Bangor, by lobbying for change in the University, and providing a wide range of opportunities for you. We regularly measure what impact we’ve had on your time here in Bangor, to showcase some of the amazing work we get up to, as well as highlighting some of the exciting opportunities available to you.


Looking Back 2012 – 2015 – Our Impact

We think it’s been a fantastic three years, but don’t just take our word for it, between 2012 and 2015 your satisfaction scores in the National Student Survey grew by 10%, making us a top 50 Students’ Union in the UK. We’ve seen exponential growth in the number of student opportunities available, a closer more equal working relationship developed with the University and a deluge of awards that confirm our place as a great Students’ Union. Something we couldn’t have done without you.

Here’s a snapshot of our success and achievement over the last three years:

  1. We’ve put the Student Voice is at the forefront of the Union and University agenda when it comes to developing and delivering change. Students agree that we represent their voice and that through our access to the most senior University decision makers, our work is a genuine partnership. Through our work on the Course Representative System, Annual Student Statement and Bangor Student Survey we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the needs and wants of students and have been able to deliver actual change year in year out. This includes:
    1. Developing the first ever ‘Course Representatives Code of Practice’ – which has set in the stone the role of student representation and the role of students as partners in their education
    2. Identifying the ‘Hidden Course Costs’ that effect Bangor students and securing huge changes to the costs around graduation, printing and field trips
    3. Developing a brand new ‘Code of Practice for Postgraduates Who Teach’ which has led to contracts being issued for the first time and changes to the rates of pay for demonstrators
  2. Through our nationally accredited Volunteering Programmes we’ve transformed our work and influence in the community, increased our projects from 18 to 38, increased our volunteering opportunities from 339 to 753 and set up some very high profile projects with the North Wales Health Board. We’ve also set up the first University volunteering residential and launched the first ever Volunteer Management Module for our volunteering leaders. Our work is changing lives, opening doors for Bangor students and enabling the community to benefit through volunteering. Our work is so good that in 2012 we received the Queen’s Award for Volunteering and are proud holders of the Investors in Volunteering status.
  3. In 2011 we secured additional funding from the University to make all of our Clubs and Societies free at the point of entry, one of only a handful of Students’ Unions across the UK that do this we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of students taking part in activities, leading their own activity and working together to set up new and exciting opportunities across Bangor and the UK. Our research tells us that the impact on employability, sense of belonging and widening access to University is huge and directly related to fantastic student led activity. Our students are more employable, involving themselves deeper in extra- curricular activity and opening doors to the local community. Things that just wouldn’t have happened without our work and direct support.
  4. In 2010 we approved our first ever Zero Tolerance Policy to clearly set out the acceptable behaviours within the Union and our vision for a more equal society. Since then we’ve continued to build on this landmark moment and through initiatives like ‘Rainbow Laces’, ‘Out in Sport’, ‘Take a Stand’ and ‘Reclaim the Night’ we are changing perceptions, starting discussions and taking action against prejudice.
  5. We are at the heart of Bangor student life, thousands of students are involved in life shaping activities every day, huge events such as the Student Led Teaching Awards, Study Aid, Serendipity, Athletic Union Awards, Student Volunteering Bangor Awards, Big Elections, Varsity and our democratic forums shape the student experience at Bangor and we know from our conversations that we are literally keeping students in University when things get tough and we’ll continue to do this for as long as there is a Bangor University.

We hope you’ll agree that we’ve achieved a lot in those three years, we’ve also (finally) moved into our new home in Pontio, we’ve launched our new online membership system and website and we’ve had a major re-brand, but there is a lot more to come and over the next three years we want to continue changing lives, continue winning awards and continue to shape the student experience here at Bangor. We can’t do this without you. 

Every year we'll work to update you on what we have done, how we have worked together and the difference we are maiking together to the Bangor experience. 

Check out the 2016 Annual SU Report here.