As a Students' Union we are led by our membership (the 11,500 students at Bangor University) and as a democratic organsiation we have a number of governing documents, policies and procedures. So this is the 'Policy Hub' where we'll aim to keep everything up to date and as simple as possible. If you think there is something missing please get in touch through


Undeb Bangor Governance 

Articles of Association (Constitution) (This is currently under review and will be fully updated by April 2017)

Bye-Law 1 - Vision, Mission and Values

Bye-Law 2 - Sabbatical Officers

Bye Law 3 - Referenda 

Bye-Law 4 - General Meeting and AGM

Bye-Law 5 - Board of Trustees

Bye-Law 6 - Undeb Bangor Council

Bye-Law 7 - Elections

Bye-Law 8 - Opting Out of Membership

Bye-Law 9 Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures 

Bangor University / Undeb Bangor Relationship Agreement

Governance Policies and Procedures Guidance (to be uploaded by December 2016)

Undeb Bangor Strategic Plan

Student Charter 


Undeb Bangor Policies and Procedures 

Clubs and Societies Grant Allocation Policy

Finanical Procedures

Safe Space and Zero Tolerance Policy 

Safeguarding Policy

Code of Practice on Freedom of Speech (includes External Speakers Procedure) 

Policy on Electoral Campaigning on University Premises 

Student Media Agreement

Elections Guide

Policy on Firearms, Imitation Firearms and Offensive Weapons on University Premises 

Athletic Union Anti-Social Behaviour Policy